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Looking for something more interactive? Check out my Workshops which can be adapted for any size audience.

Why should I scale?

An honest conversation for those who are stuck in the “partner” business model.

You love your partner but when does your business get some love too? In this session, we discuss the potential associated with scaling your business and best practices on moving past a two person operation.


Small business owners


  1. Understand how to see your business’s potential without compromising your dreams
  2. Create a growth strategy based to keep your business alive well into the future
  3. Be ready to delegate and outsource

Building vendor partnerships

Your key to constant business growth

In a growing economy, the opportunities are endless. The only path to success is by creating partnerships with other businesses that align with your goals and vision for the future. We’ll discuss how to identify like-minded businesses and how to connect with them for a mutually beneficial relationship.


Business owners and sales teams


  1. Build a market where you interface with everyone (even competition)
  2. Identify key opportunities for partnership that benefit both you and your peers
  3. Continue to be a leader in your market through your interactions with others

The Superhero Model

Wins come from relatability, not perfection

Unlock the transformative potential of embracing imperfection in both personal and professional realms. Explore the impact of authenticity versus perfection, learning how being genuine can make you the natural choice for your ideal clients.

This session goes beyond surface-level insights, guiding you in discovering your unique superpower and core values. Uncover the strengths that set you apart, positioning you as the unmistakable superhero of your narrative. Join us for a dynamic exploration of authenticity, relatability, and the empowering journey to find and unleash your core value superpower. Become the logical choice effortlessly, authentically, and uniquely you!


Anyone in sales or marketing


  1. Understand the impact of perceived relatability vs. perfection
  2. Become the logical choice for your ideal clients without even trying
  3. Find your core value superpower that makes you, you!

Increase profits through your customer experience

When your customers “trust in the process”, you’ll become the only option.

Available early 2024


Anyone in sales, supply chain, or management