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My Story

At age 14, I started my first business and haven’t stopped. I have been fortunate enough to have been able to create experiences for myself that have allowed me to pursue my dreams and interests.

After starting three businesses, a nonprofit, and multiple advisory engagements with Fortune 500 companies and international governments, I’m ready to take the knowledge I’ve gathered and share it with those who I resonate with most – ambitious entrepreneurs who believe in what they do and want to bring good into the world.

Now living in Seattle, I operate my own business full-time, freelance for projects that interest me, and serve as a mentor for others trying to do the same.

My Experience

I come from a creative background with experience in software, design, hospitality, sales, entertainment, and arts. Some of my previous clients include Microsoft, Salesforce, NASA, Kroger, Disney, Universal, Thompson Reuters, Girl Scouts of America, and various government agencies.

I created curbside pickup before it was cool, helped send astronauts to Mars, created safer training programming for armed forces, introduced leasing options for heavy machinery, and overhauled customer experiences in telecommunications companies (the worst kind!).

But my passions still drive me to help tomorrow’s future leaders – like you! Entrepreneurs, dreamers, and small business owners who want to bring good into the world through what they do.

I’m here to enable you to be successful and independent. No more moonlighting, waiting to take the leap, not going after your next big idea. Your fulfilling future starts today.